I would like to give my insight on having weekly massages
I have had massages before but they did not comfort me or energize me
like the massages that Kathy Brokos gives.

She is very knowledgeable about about how the body reacts to a massage
and is also knowledgeable about the muscles and  soft tissues
through out your  body .She takes many continuing education classes to
learn new techniques which she has helped me to relax more and feel

I had trouble sleeping and relaxing through the day.
My anxiety was at its worst.

Now with weekly massages my sleeping is better I feel that I’m
relaxed, have more energy and I feel an overall good feeling about my
body. Your body is a marvelous instrument and like any instrument its
needs to be tuned and pampered. I have seen Kathy for over 2 years now
and my overall health has improved greatly.

Debbie S.

Kathy’s massages always reconnect me with both my body and my spirit.  Even if I feel fragmented when I arrive, I consistently feel “whole” when I leave.

I sometimes think I’m too busy to take time out for a massage—that is, until I do it.  Every time, Kathy’s healing touch has left me more focused, energized, and at peace.

Sherry S.

I’ve been having a lot of pain in my upper arm. I told Kathy about it and she gave me a revitalizing Ice Treatment Massage using Narayan Oil. After the massage with the Narayan oil, she covered my arm with an iced towel and let sit for about 15 minutes. I could feel the Narayan Oil penetrating deep into the muscle. My arm feels much better now. I recommend it for a new kind of body treatment!

Russ G.