Just The Way Things Are

Did you ever have a dream about doing something to help someone only to have the dream demolished because the inevitable is going to happen no matter what you think you can do to stop it? There is this place that I really like. I like it for its flavor, its essence, and the way … Continue reading Just The Way Things Are


Massage and Myofascial Release

Have you ever wondered why you lose range of motion as you age? Did you ever ask yourself what really happens inside your body when you have surgery and why the scar afterwards is so tight and affects other areas of your body? Under our skin, our bodies have a continuous connected network of myofascial … Continue reading Massage and Myofascial Release

Benefits of Regular Massage

Maybe you are wondering, "What are the benefits of massage, let alone regular massage?" or your thoughts may be, "Why have a massage at all if I'm feeling pretty good?" A research study analyzing eight clinical trials and is entitled: Massage for Low Back Pain - Will It Benefit My Patient? from the Journal of … Continue reading Benefits of Regular Massage