How I feel today. Fragile, breaking down, letting go of the past, making room for something new.

Like a peach or a banana, able to be easily bruised.

What makes us fragile? Is it allowing oneself to be vulnerable, pliable, open to criticism, but yet maintaining the ability to remain intact? Revealing our dark side that is kept hidden in the closet of one’s mind?

So many questions. Like a porcelain tea cup that is beautiful to look upon but if dropped will break into a thousand pieces and the beauty is scattered, lost to the dustpan and broom. If handled properly becomes an heirloom for many generations.

We are all fragile and need to be handled carefully….. with LOVE. This way our true nature, that of a loving human being, can shine like the sun on a cloudless day. Love is what it is all about. Yes, I know all about the forces out there to steal our joy. Why give them power over us. I know it sounds unrealistic to think about being loving all the time, but I believe that if more of us would live every moment in such a way, the entire planet, every human being could live from this perspective, WOW, what a different world we would live in.

I am just one person, but I believe in the ripple effect. You know the story. Drop a pebble in the pond and what do you see? Many circular ripples. These ripples are fragile because if another pebble is dropped right next to the first, the ripples are interrupted. Just like raindrops on a pond. But if a very large rock is dropped the ripples are deeper making a greater impact on the pond.

Fragile. One person on a mission.

Strong. More than one person on a mission.

Many people on  a mission or quest, fragile and strong. There is strength in numbers even if there is a tipping point of allowing negativity in and destroying the entire mission.

So focus is important along with humility. Keep ego out of the mission and persevere.

Fragile is every moment of every day. That moment only happens once and then, POOF, its gone.

Fragile is seeing wildlife disappear due to human neglect of the environment.

Fragile is the ecosystem.

Fragile is an individual’s body. If not cared for and nourished, it will die prematurely, missing out on all the love to give and receive.

Fragile is a newborn, who, without their mother’s care, will die.

Fragile is a seedling that needs lots of water and sunshine.

Fragile is our world that can only tolerate our abuse for just so long, and POOF, it will be gone.

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