Just The Way Things Are

Did you ever have a dream about doing something to help someone only to have the dream demolished because the inevitable is going to happen no matter what you think you can do to stop it?

There is this place that I really like. I like it for its flavor, its essence, and the way it makes me feel. But there is something in the future that is going to change this place. A corporation wants to move in and take over. This take over will change things for the better they say, more people will want to come here and it will make more money. Why does making more money matter more than people’s happiness? Why do cold, uncompassionate corporations win? Is it because individuals don’t stand up to them?

Why do things have to change? I guess that it’s just the way things are. I’m feeling a little melancholy today because I really can’t do anything this upcoming change. The changes will be coming and I will have to adjust or move. Maybe I feel this way because so many changes have occurred lately in my life and I just can’t handle another one.

On the converse side, I feel really blessed. so many good things have happened lately that I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I am surrounded by loving people and my business is growing. The basic necessities of life are being provided and abundance is on its way.

I guess it’s just the way things are!

With Light and Love,

Kathy Brokos, LMT, HC

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